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Reuse leads to reducing waste, and we think that is always worthy of rejoicing.

We prioritize reusable products at Mindful Merchant and do our best to return, reuse, or repurpose packaging we receive (ex. in-store signage, business cards, wrapping for customers, etc.). Some of our vendors, like Fillaree from Durham, let us return all packaging materials back to them so they can clean & reuse for other partners. We are also excited to start offering community exchange programs.



We have partnered with The Cloth Option to be their first drop-off location in the triangle. The Cloth Option is a collective of cloth diaper advocates working together to reduce diaper need and protect our environment for future generations. They believe that a cloth diaper option should be available to all who choose it. For more information see their website:






Through our partners at Soles4Souls, we're now accepting shoe donations.

We accept any styles and all sizes of new or gently worn shoes. Once they have your donation they work to find them a new home where the can be most impactful, distributing them across the globe to their partners who help people in developing countries launch and sustain their own small businesses selling donated shoes and clothing. For more information about Soles4Souls, visit their website at


If you have any extra containers that you think could be of use to someone else, please consider donating them to us. We only ask that they are clean, dry, odor-free, have a lid, and limited to 10 jars or less per trip. Popular donated containers are glass and plastic jars ranging from 8 to 32oz, but we'll consider anything that could be useful! Donations that pass inspection are washed again and made available for anyone to use for free. Donation drop-offs are accepted by the staff at the checkout counter during normal business hours. 



If you have any tote bags that you no longer need, feel free to bring them by! If they are clean and in good enough condition, we'd love to add to our Community Tote Exchange and make them available for free for any customers to use or take with them. 

We plan to start more exchange programs, so please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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